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The background of the non-automotive production parts and customers of Baspar Taban Company equals to the skills and precedent of Part Lastic Industrial Group, which established in 1985 with the production of shoe heels and various rubber parts.
The market demand, motivated us to increase the amount and the diversity of the products including a wide range of rubber hoses for different vehicles under the license of Hutchinson Company, a subset of Total Group, as well as non-automotive parts.
As a leading manufacturer company in IRAN with technical knowledge and modern technologies in research and production, and observance of quality standards fully in compliance with international standards in world-class this exemplary industrial company has been able to become the main source to OEMs such as Iran Khodro (SAPCO) ‘’grade A of supplier’’, SAIPA (SGS) ‘’grade B+ of supplier’’, for Radiator, Heater, Oil, Fuel vapors & Air Intake hoses, also Bahman Group with B grade for supplying rubber windscreen sealing.
In addition, the company received the version 2015 certifications for quality management 9001, and for Automotive Quality Management Systems IATF 16949 as well.
Baspar Taban Products:

Automotive Parts:
• Three-layer Rubber Hoses for All Types of Car Radiators
• Three-layer Rubber low and Medium Pressure Oil Vapors Hoses for all Types of Car
• Single-layer Rubber Air Hoses
• Single-layer Rubber Hoses for Fuel Vapors
• Single-layer Rubber Hoses for Oil Vapors
• Medium Pressure Three-layer Rubber Hoses for All Types of Vehicles
• Offline Single-component Extruded Sealing Rubber

* Mass Production of High-pressure Car Air Conditioning Hoses from the Second Half of 1400
* Mass Production of High-pressure Hydraulic Steering Hoses from the Beginning of 1401

Non-Automotive Parts:
• Municipal Service Parts such as Rubber Speed Humps, Rubber Traffic Lane and Parking separators, Rubber Wheel Stopper, Rubber Corner Guard, Mat-outdoor Rubber Playground Safety, and etc…
• Railway Industries Parts such as Under Ballast Mat(UBM), Railway Anti-Vibration Mat, TBM Rubber Sealing, and wagon Bumper
• Marine Industries Parts including Barge Bumpers, Marine Fenders, Piggyback Saddles
• Home Applicable Rubber Parts and yet shoe heels.

Baspar Taban is focused totally on customer needs, client satisfaction, and the very best after-sales support.
We should emphasize that the ability to produce hoses in minimum and of course maximum volume and within a short time is one of the advantages of us.

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