Mashadgearbox Co

Mashad Gearbox main products :

Industrial gearboxes
Sewage aeration system for water and sewage organizations and factories
Winches for dam valves from 3 tons to 100 tons
Gearboxes for sliding gate valves for use in water and oil transmission lines
Gearboxes for cargo elevators
Gearboxes used in refinery industries and petrochemicals
Consumer's demands by designing and manufacturing special gearboxes

Production and inspection standards are as follows :

AGMA: 2001-C95 AGMA: 6034-1392
AGMA: 2101-C95 DIN 3996
AGMA: 6011-C25 DIN 780-2
AGMA: 94 FTM 6 DIN 3976
BS: 3027 DIN 3998-4
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