Iranchashni Co

IRAN CHASHNI Co. the first manufacturer of industrial and healthy fruit leathers, was established in 1983 in Iran, Razavi Khorasan. The factory began its activity in a 3300 m2 field of land and continued manufacturing different kinds of food products consist of compote, canned fruit, tomato paste and jam until 2001. In 2003, in the wake of new management system, a brand new attitude towards customer orientation and its needs, innovation, research and development activities and attention to export marketing, Iranchashni planned its framework to achieve the objectives by means of product development, various packages and installation of machinery with the latest technology. Today, products of Iranchashni consist of processed fruit puree covered with flavored chocolate, fruit leathers (Familia, Khanevadeh and Momtaz), Shoko, processed sour prune, various kinds of Sauce (Ketchup, Hot ketchup, Smoky Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Salsa, Pomegranate and French sauce). Being an innovative unique organization is one of objectives from the very first days of establishment. Iranchashni has managed to achieve this which is definitely the pattern of long-term and short-term schema as well as development strategy, with the help of merciful God and graduated creative staff. The current products already offer standard of quality beside attempts to manufacture “Health-Based” products which would affect all aspects of financial, political, cultural, social fields and community health. Before any distribution of products in market, raw materials and other manufacturing necessities are precisely examined in the laboratory so that meet all related health and standard instructions. Iranchashni has managed to get domestic as well as international standard certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management system), ISO 22000:2005 (Food safety management system), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management system), OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational health and safety assessment series) from TUV InterCert GmbH andb FDA from USA. Iranchashni has noticeably succeeded in export marketing in Europe, USA and some Arabic countries and was reliable according to standard systems of each region.

Some of honors have been achieved:
• Selected unit in Quality in Food Investigation Organization of Razavi Khoradan in years 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014
• Selected unit in Standard and Industrial Research of Razavi Khorasan in years 2005, 2007, 2013
• Selected unit regarding quality enhancement in manufacturing fruit leather in 2006
• Selected unit regarding Research and Development in R&D organization Razavi Khorasan in 2010
• Selected unit in domestic standards in 2009
• Selected unit in occupational health and safety of Razavi Khorasan in health department of University of Medical Science in 2010
• Selected unit in Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Razavi Khorasan in years 2009, 2010, 2011
• Selected unit in Department of Cooperatives Labor and Social Welfare of Razavi Khorasan in 2013
• Selected unit in Food and Drug Department of Mashhad University of Medical Science in 2014
• Selected unit in Health-based Industry Festival in 2017

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