Mwm Co

Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co. with more than 40 years of experience is the first and the largest car steel wheel manufacturer in Iran.This company by using high scientific capabilities in the field of designing various passenger and commercial vehicle wheels and also by utilizing the state-of-the-art technology and well-experienced expertise has the capacity to annually produce about 5.000.000 wheels in different sizes. It is necessary to say that Front cradle for Peugeot and Samand cars are also being produced by Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co.
At the present time Mashad Wheel Mfg.Co. is consisted of the following production facilities: -Passenger car wheel plant -Commercial vehicle wheel plant -Front cradle plant -Auto body parts pre-assembly and wheel and tyre assembly plants in the neighborhood of Iran Khodro Tehran and Iran Khodro Khorasan

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