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Parsayaran Khorasan Company started its activity in 2005 as the second manufacturer of automotive fuel system pipes in Iran. By relying on knowledge and support of its experts it was able to quickly expand its product development strategies and target market and now operates as a reliable brand in the industry.
This company has been utilized with the knowledge and technologies of leading companies such as Maillefer Switzerland and Hutchinson France, moreover using high quality raw materials in accordance with the announced grades of automakers from reputable brands including EMS Switzerland, UBE Spain, TI South Korea and Technyl France has been made its products at the global quality level. In this regard, it has been selected as the sole supplier of fuel system pipes of Renault and PSA Group in Iran.
The company's products are classified into two categories: Automotive Fuel System and Brake System:

•Fuel system including Polyamide Pipes, Quick Connectors, Plastic Fittings and 6-Layer Polymer Tank in accordance with Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.
o Polyamide pipes:
 Mono layer pipe: This pipe is made of polyamide 12. This pipe is used in the clutch vacuum tube system and oil vapor transmission routes.
 Two-layer pipe: The outer layer is made of polyamide 12 with higher thermal resistance and reinforced mechanical properties compared to the current grades used in 5-layer fuel pipes and the inner layer, PA9T, is a special grade of polyamide with higher resistance to fuel. This pipe is used in fuel transfer route from the pump to the engine fuel rail due to zero permeability (Zero Emission) against fuel.
 Three-Layer Pipe: The layers of this pipe are polyamide 6, polyamide 6/12 and polyamide 12. This type of pipe is used in fuel vapor transmission routes.
All the above types of pipes are produced in Parsayaran Company by extrusion method and using the technology of Maillefer Switzerland Company and thermoforming bending and quick connector assembly processes are done by Hutchinson technology machineries.
o Plastic Fittings and Quick Connector:
 Quick Connectors: These connectors are made of polyphthalamide (PPA), PA12 GF30% or PA6.6 GF30% which are sealed by FKM and FVMQ O-Rings. These types of connectors are used in fuel, gasoline vapors and Oil vapors transfer systems and radiator system.

o Polymer Tank:
 6-Layer Polymer Tank: The outer and inner layers of the tank body are polyethylene materials and in order to increase gasoline permeability resistance, EVOH is used in its middle layer. In addition to the production of tank body, other accessories such as Filler Pipe, CROV, and Check-Valve are also produced by Parsayaran Co. and are welded and assembled on the tank by fully automatic machines.
In the field of fuel system, Parsayaran Khorasan Company has 30% of the market share of Iran Khodro Co. products, 50% of the market share of Saipa Co. products and 100% market share of Renault and Peugeot Citroen Company in Iran.

• Brake system includes the production of double wall metal pipes with a diameter of 4.76 mm and the forming of brake pipes in accordance with safety requirements.
o Double-walled metal pipe diameter 4.75 mm:
In the production of this product, steel sheet with a thickness of 0.27 mm is used. All steps of copper coating, preforming, brazing, zinc coating and PVF coating are done in Parsayaran Company.
o Forming Brake Pipes
In addition to producing metal tube Parsayaran Khorasan Co. has equipped with CNC machines for bending the pipes with lengths less than 1.5 meters and bending gigs for lengths of more than 1.5 meters.

Iran Khodro and Saipa companies are the main customers of the company's brake system products.

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